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Help Terminate "YouTuber" Durv for Violating YouTube's Community Guidelines

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Dylan, or "Durv" as he is known on online, is a 14 year old "YouTuber" who quickly gained popularity on the site in early 2016 by consistently lying to his viewers and violating YouTube's Community Guidlines. Durv originally gained fame by prank calling his "Stalker Fans" and "Killer Clowns". However, once these videos started to lose traction, Durv started completely lying to his audience in videos like "I MAILED MYSELF in a BOX to SANTA CLAUSE and it WORKED! *GOT CAUGHT*, IF YOU SEE A DOG YOUR COLORBLIND, and most famously, "MY SCHOOL IS DELETING MY CHANNEL", a video that has amassed over 5.4 MILLION VIEWS. He decided to follow up this "success" with a video titled, "MY SCHOOL DELETED MY CHANNEL!", which they obviously did not, as lies like these have allowed him to gain over 1.2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. As if this was not enough, Durv has found a way to cheat the YouTube algorithm using a loophole. Durv reacts to a viral video (ex. i can rap faster than eminem), then titles it the same as the original video or from "his" perspective even though he was only reacting to it. This tricks YouTube into thinking the video is his own, therefore recommending the video on the viral video or REPLACING THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS SPOT ON THE RECOMMENDED TAB WITH HIS. These outrageous exploits and violations of YouTube's Community Guidelines must be stopped, and you can help! All it takes is signing this petition... help us fight for justice and respect in YouTube Community and the internet as a whole!

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