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Remove Charlie Chill's channel from Youtube

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Charlie Marvin Green III, the person uploading on the "Charlie Chill" youtube channel; raped his sisters, forced young children to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana (and threatened them if they refused), doesn't support his own child, punched his brother's girlfriend in the face, constantly abuses hardcore drugs, abuses alcohol, harasses young kids and women on twitter and youtube (calling them retarded, fat, and fags), and doesn't take any responsibility for his actions.

There is evidence for all those accusations above. If you don't believe me look for yourself. Charlie always puts on an act like he's a changed man in his youtube videos and then off camera he still abuses drugs,  makes threats on twitter, and harasses women and young children on the internet.

He is getting paid by youtube to be a dangerous criminal and spreading a message that its okay to hurt and harass people, commit crimes, do hardcore drugs, abandon your own children, and when you get caught just lie. He thinks an adult doesn't have to take responsibility for their actions.

I hope google and youtube can see how this is toxic for the viewer's and the community and put a stop to this dangerous criminal before he influences more people to become screw ups like him.

I want justice for the victims, it's wrong to do all those things and just expect everyone to forget about it. What about the permanent damage he's caused to all those people's lives?!

He doesn't deserve support from youtube and google.

This petition is to let google and youtube know the community doesn't want this kind of toxicity spreading around anymore and we are asking for help to put an end to this once and for all.

Sign the petition to get Charlie Chill's channel removed from youtube please.




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