Delete both Paul brothers’ YouTube channels

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As we all know, Jake and Logan Paul have millions of followers. They’re wildly popular with the new generation of kids. However, I don’t think children should be exposed to their content. As creators, they are setting examples for kids as young as 6 years old. Children that young have no moral compass and cannot tell right from wrong. 

So, what did they do? Jake has physically assaulted and abused his ex girlfriend, Alissa Violet. He has shown kids that it’s okay to abuse and to be abused when you’re in a relationship by claiming to have never done anything wrong when met with the accusation. However, there is evidence that he did in fact assault Alissa and her assistant. He is a liar when it comes to almost any and every aspect of his career, and I have no doubt that he is a pathological liar in his real life too. By giving this example, he is teaching young children that it’s completely okay to be an awful person as long as you’re famous. It’s not. 

And now for Logan. Logan has done many heinous things. More than Jake in my opinion. On January 1, 2018, Logan Paul uploaded a video where he traveled throughout the suicide forest in Japan. He vlogged it, which would have been fine if he would’ve stayed on the path. But he didn’t; He traveled off course, which is very disrespectful on its own. While in the forest, he and his friends came across a hanging man’s body. Before reporting it, he filmed the body while simultaneously laughing about it as if it were a joke. Not only that, but he also filmed videos of him “visiting” sacred temples at Asakusa and the fish market, both of which he highly disrespected. He wore traditional Japanese clothing and made jokes about the culture. Nothing he did on that trip was funny. He also did something just as bad when he came back. He faked his death in front of hundreds or thousands of kids, ranging in age from 6-14. He stood at a window, pretending to wave at them. Then he made it look as if someone shot him. Fake blood splattered all over the window and Paul fell to the ground as though he had been killed. This could potentially traumatize those kids, and it probably did. Especially the younger ones. He has reportedly filmed himself tasing corpses of animals as well. 

I think it is in the best interest of everyone involved if their channels get permanently suspended from the site. This petition will be emailed directly to the CEO of YouTube and it will hopefully get them removed from the site. Thank you for signing!

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