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Change Your Copyright Claim System

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As I write this there are valiant streamers trying to complete the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Revelations DLC Easter Egg. For a lot of people that won't mean anything but for those in the community it's a pretty big deal. It is the culmination of eight years of video game content, potentially concluding a story and a journey that helped forge who we are. These streamers are being knocked off the air by false copyright claims. 

A false copyright claim is a dangerous thing. If you get enough of then it will end your channel, literally. You won't even be able to upload videos anymore. For most YouTubers, big or small, this can pretty much be a death sentence. The money that big YouTubers get from their job can help them go to college, buy houses and straight up live their lives. A copyright claim can take all these opportunities away. For a smaller channel it can be a huge blow to confidence, and if that youtuber genuinely has talent and is an up and coming star it may be a huge loss to the community.

We need to change the way Copyright claims are done on YouTube.  At the moment anyone can claim and that leads to stringent abuse as the Zombies community is currently experiencing. This needs to stop, false claims and the threat of them are too powerful and easy to distribute at the moment. It's a dangerous place to be for a Youtuber.

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