Ban Logan Paul from YouTube

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The stuff that comes up on social media nowadays is getting out of control, there used to be a time where people would be shocked at seeing a dead body on the news. We talk about becoming desensitized to violence on video games and films but is there any point in this when kids can go watch people like Logan Paul tazer a dead rat, film a dead body and still get away with it. YouTube sat they've punished him but I don't agree with them. The only reason why he's still on YouTube is because they still make profit from him, they are not concerned about the viewers otherwise they would've banned him already. I dint see why people like Logan Paul should get away with this anymore, were all human and I don't think we should be exposed to this anymore. I vote take Logan Paul down permanently, he already has enough money to make a living without it. We all saw him boasting about his revenue even after being taken down briefly. Please don't let him get away with it, there is no real way to prevent this stuff other than removing those who create it.