Bring back Varg Vikernes’s (aka Louis Cachet’s) YouTube channel “ThueleanPerspective.”

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Shaydn Mason
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Varg Vikernes of black metal band Burzum has had his YouTube channel for many years. In an effort to halt “hate speech, conspiracy theories, and other “harmful users.”; YouTube removed all of his content and banned his account as of June 5th, 2019.  The account contained information on Pagan/Scandanavian ideologies and history, role playing games, European heritage, the current state of Europe as a whole, auto mechanics, and information about the black metal scene of the 1990’s. Till now, some of his videos on black metal are the only ones to go by, and having them removed, is a direct removal of history from the only source. To silence him will only bring back the draconian era of mass censorship. His channel may also directly support his 8 children and wife financially to promote his music, books, and role playing game. In the future this may be a potential loss of income. Let’s all help to petition and get ThuleanPerspective up and running again.