BKChat video promoting hate speech towards disabled people to be removed from Youtube

BKChat video promoting hate speech towards disabled people to be removed from Youtube

December 3, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Katouche Goll

Recently BkChat posted on their YouTube channel “TREND CENTRL” a video of a debate amongst the cast on whether it is necessary to abort a foetus with the potential to be born a disabled baby.

The programme promoted not only a reductive and unnecessary debate on an sensitive topic, but consequently encouraged offensive, unfriendly and discriminatory behaviour towards Disabled people. The impact of hate speech on online is far-reaching. The Home Office statistics reveal there has been an 14% increase in hate crimes towards Disabled people between 2018 and 2019.

The daily harassment, hostility and ostracising that disabled people experience is fuelled and exacerbated by platforms like Youtube and their complicity in greenlighting content that undermines and dehumanises disabled people.

This hostility and discrimination is even worse for Disabled Black people. The level of oppression is also reinforced by cultural practices, practice of religion, media and other areas of life when disablism is overlapped with racial discrimination.

The hostility can be seen with the behaviour of our government towards Disabled people which was also reported by the UN Disability Committee in 2017 for causing a human catastrophe.

We must stop the negative portrayal and misrepresentation of Black people and Disabled people as it exists currently through a lack of representation on black led and targeted platforms. This is in addition to the highly offensive hate speech and bigoted attitudes entertained on these platforms at the expense of Disabled Black people.

We ask you to sign our petition to demand for YouTube to remove this video to stop this serious level of misrepresentation of Disabled Black people.

By signing our petition you will tell YouTube and other social media platforms that it is time for change. You will also help to speak out about:
- Hostility caused by cultural and religious practices towards Disabled people
- Intersectional oppression for Disabled Black people and other ethnic groups
- Exclusion and segregation of Disabled Black people by the wider Black community
- Highlight the inequality and injustices carried out against Disabled people

Thank you for your support to end the struggle.

In solidarity

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Signatures: 239Next Goal: 500
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