BAN Videos of Children’s Autism Meltdowns on YouTube

BAN Videos of Children’s Autism Meltdowns on YouTube

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Mike McGrath
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Filming & posting videos of children’s autism meltdowns on YouTube is a clear violation of YouTube’s community guidelines. 

YouTube has the following statement on their community guidelines page: “It’s not ok to post abusive videos and comments on YouTube.” Filming children’s autism meltdowns and posting a private & terrifying experience for the minor for the world to consume at their leisure is abusive. Simply put: Humiliation is not a form of autism advocacy. It is a form of abuse, whether the one posting had that intention or not. 

YouTube has another statement on their community guidelines page: “Posting videos that could create hate against a specific group of people OR INCITE VIOLENCE.” Showcasing and sensationalizing meltdowns leads to fear of autism itself and could lead parents down a dangerous path to seeking to “cure” their children with radical methods. Autistics routinely are victimized in day to day life as it is with systemic ableist views and procedures. The last thing we need is dangerous propaganda in the name of “awareness”. This isn’t awareness. It’s abuse.

And finally, YouTube states on their community guidelines page: “Please respect privacy. Do not post anybody’s private information anywhere.” Does this not include children? Is consent granted from these children to post such intimate videos? 

Psychiatrists and psychologists globally have condemned public humiliation of minors in relation to social media. If YouTube has any moral or ethical compass whatsoever, they need to remove these videos at once and ban them from being uploaded in the future. These videos are in clear violation of their policies. Autistic minors must be protected.