YouTube: Ban the users that are still bullying Amanda Todd

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There are some users on that are still excessively bullying Amanda Todd. On her videos and other videos about her, they're saying horrible things about her in the comments. There are three accounts that I have seen that definitely need to be banned from

Here are the URLs to the accounts:
This user "makes fun of the dead so they'll rot." In one of his comments he said that he would like to dig up Amanda, catch her body on fire, and spit on her. That's sickening, isn't it?! He also told me that he would be happy if his family members died. Very sad.
This user is impersonating Amanda. They're going around saying they are Amanda Todd (the account name is "Amanda Todd") and saying nasty things such as "I am flashing in the afterlife" and "Jesus is molesting me" and really sickening things like that. It gets even worse ­­— and you can see all of their comments by going to their channel.
This user is on the video of Amanda singing saying that she deserved all of the bullying and a whole bunch of other stuff to a lot of people on there. And when someone said they're gonna report them, look at his response:

"Good luck. I need three strikes against my account at one given time and I don't have any. And just to make sure this account doesn't get banned, I'll be using one of my backups for the next comments :) Nice try, though."

I have tried reporting one of them, but YouTube doesn't have the greatest report system — you have to be the one being harassed or the legal guardian of the person to report harassment/bullying.

YouTube needs to ban these users. They're violating YouTube's Community Guidelines and therefore should be punished. YouTube explicitly states in their Community Guidelines that harassment and impersonation is not allowed:

Harassment. It comes down to respect. YouTube is all about sharing and interacting with the community in respectful ways. If you're not sure whether a video or comment you've made crosses the line, follow a simple rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it on YouTube. And if you're looking to attack, harass, demean, or impersonate others, go elsewhere.

Impersonation. Impersonating another user by copying someone's exact channel layout, using a similar username, or posing as that person in comments, emails or videos is considered harassment. If you want to keep your account, stay away from participating in any form of impersonation or harassing activity on the site.

I think that you should sign this petition to help stop these people and help stop cyberbullying (at least on YouTube). Amanda commited suicide because of bullying and people are still continuing to bully her and her family right now. This has got to stop, and although bullying will probably never be fully stopped, it can be reduced.

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