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Ban the troll BieberBabyBopper

All this person does is spread his lies and bully people, accusing everyone of coming from an abusive family of drug addicts and that they themselves are drug addicts and satanic. And this person won't SHUT THE HELL UP when we told him to leave us alone. He copyrights other people's videos and uses them against them and when asked to take them down by the person who made he video he says "I'm helping" or "I don't think you really meant it and I believe this is actually helping you." He bashes everyone's religion with no purpose, he is the biggest hypocrite who disrespect's the American military calling every one of them murdering rapists that urinate on corpses, when they are really fighting and DYING for HIS freedom of speech and hes abusing it. This person is probably the most self centered hypocritical narcissist on YouTube. Please PLEASE ban him so everyone can get on with their lives. All he is is one big cyber bully and that reason alone should be enough to get rid of him

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