BAN the pedophile Christian Hendricks from YouTube and social media & GET HIM ARRESTED!!

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If you have young boys between 7-14 years old who have a YouTube channel, they can be approached by pedophiles at ANY RANDOM TIME!! There are a lot of foot fetish perverts on YouTube who ask kids to show their feet, lick and smell their feet, tickling, toe sucking and toe wiggling dares, crushing stuff, and doing other weird "challenges" involving feet. Christian Hendricks is one of them, I'm afraid it's reality!!! And I'll prove it with a few evidence!

This mentally retarded pervert, aged 26 (pictured above), native from Mississippi but who now lives in Columbus, Ohio, only subscribes to little boys channels, drops likes on videos where their face appears & a lot of videos showing barefooted boys, and he also gives shoutouts to random of these kids he contacts, which are in fact deceptive and serve to bring more pedophiles to their channels. In addition to this, he also asked a lot of those young boys to perform weird dares, most of the time called "iCarly challenge", which consists of licking their feet and sucking their toes, using his old YouTube channel which was terminated in November 2016:

Despite an article in the New Zealand newspaper The Spinoff, telling the story of predators exploiting kids for their fetishes, and which led to Hendricks getting banned, Hendricks evaded his YouTube termination by creating a new channel on March 8, 2017: Thus, infringing YouTube's policy on terminated users!!

The Spinoff article relating that story, written by journalist/filmmaker David Farrier, can be read here: Further below, can be seen that Hendricks is one of these perverts terminated that same day prior to the publishing of the article.

Worse, apart from using YouTube, Hendricks also contacts boys through other social media platforms: Google Plus (consequence of creating Youtube accounts), Google Hangouts (still nowadays), Facebook (in 2015 apparently, see the Imgur screenshot below), and Snapchat (although he was banned on May 15, 2018, he can create a new account at any time)! And aside from foot fetish, his other interest is ALSO to see some of those boys who use these platforms naked on their cameras (so this means he asks for nude videos too, mainly via Hangouts)!!!

For those who want to know his current phone number, it's +1-662-570-9218. Good luck into attempting to give it to the police.

A few kids also managed to expose Hendricks' activity by their own:

As a last evidence of his foot fetish, is a montage exposing his pedophile fantaisies on Facebook and Google Hangouts:

With that being said, Christian Hendricks' actions on the internet are considered as "online enticement of minors to perform sexual acts". He doesn't admit that he has a sexual interest in feet and that involving kids in fetishes is a criminal offence, so he refuses to acknowledge that he is a pedophile, claiming that he did "nothing wrong".
By signing this petition, you will contribute and help not only to expect this guy banned for life from all these platforms, but also getting him arrested and sentenced to jail.
Something needs to be done against this guy to make him stop, once and for all, approaching any young boys on the internet for his foot fetish.

One last information: rather than using a computer, he exclusively uses a phone (which explains the black screen edges on the videos he uploads, access to Snapchat and using a few texting apps to contact kids).


Update: The channel got finally terminated on August 14, remember that his "Liked videos" list was this one:
Unfortunately, my account, Steve the Pancake, was also terminated along with him and other pedo stalkers, pretty much at the same moment, due to a great purge YouTube carried out the same day against a bunch of predators; even some watchers making kids aware of those creeps, as well as some other optimistic people actively subscribing to kids and commenting regularly on their videos got also their channels terminated under "child endangerment" allegations :(

Update 2: He's back under the name Christian Alexander: (created on August 29)

Update 3: Youtube terminated the new channel after a few days thanks to the usage of a reporting form.

UPDATE September 2017: He's back with a 7th channel this time, still called Alexander and created on Sept. 5: "Liked videos" list: 

Update 5: 7th channel got terminated on Sept. 26, the creep opened a new channel straight after:

Update 6: the new channel has now been terminated one more time, within 2 days.

Update 7: back with a 9th channel called Cah Last jam, created on November 6: He even acknowledges that it's him. "Liked videos" list:

Update 8: 9th channel got terminated on November 13, 8 days after creating it, for "spam".

Update 9: although not completely sure, let's say the channel Dungeon Master Vlogs was his 10th account. Only found one comment, hidden channel with no videos or subscriptions list, the description "Looking for challenges and vlogs". Terminated on December 22, 3 weeks after I found it, for "nudity or sexual content".

Update 10: the creep is back with a new account since February 18, called Dungeon Master65: The thumbnails for 2 of his videos show his face, and he now figured out how to live stream himself. As usual, his channels keep being a meeting place for young boys and he asks for foot fetish "challenges" again.

Update 11: the Dungeon Master65 channel got terminated in the weekend of 14-15 April. Please inform me quickly if he makes a new channel, so I can list it in the petition.

Update 12: back with a new channel Dungeon Master90, shortly after the termination of Dungeon Master65 This time, he asks for penis videos in addition to harassing the boys he teased last time as well as finding new boys throughout sub4sub livestreams. Exactly the same profile picture as previously.

Update 13: Dungeon Master90 got terminated on May 1st, for "spam", just 2 days after I found it. Thanks to the person who reported him, it could be probably the same guy as last one.

Update 14: he seems to be persistent, as he created yet another channel after the ban just as last time. This time, as Dungeon Master200

Update 15: Dungeon Master200 is now terminated. As it's quite difficult for me to keep track of him myself, I'll need help from someone.

Update 16: new channel made on May 9th, he now calls himself Alexander again: 

Update 17: the channel got terminated during the night of August 29 to 30, after 4 months of struggle and me complaining on Twitter to Team Youtube themselves and several Trusted Flaggers.

Update 18: back with a new account christian hendricks268 since August 30:

Update 19: the 15th account got terminated near the end of December. I've updated my profile details to let you guys know about my Twitter, so if you see that this fiend made yet another channel, contact me via Twitter.

Update 20: has resurfaced again, this is the 16th account. Christian (since March 18, Gecko) Alexander262: (opened on December 31, found on March 2nd). "Liked videos" list:

Update 21: 5 days after changing the name, he got banned. Yeah, Gecko Alexander262 is now terminated. Thank you people for reporting him!

Update 22: he opened yet another account soon after the last ban. Same name as previously (as of April 10, changed the 262 number to 27), this time without profile picture or any content, and still leaves comments on videos of the kids he stalked last time.

Use the Safe & Abuse reporting form (for YouTube users) at and select the Child endangerment option; don't forget to include every single of his comments asking kids for feet dares. If you are a Snapchat user, the usernames are ch34tgch97boy, Dungeon Master 26 and dmaster268, so look for them and report these accounts for "harassment" and "nudity or sexually suggestive content involving minors". You can also report him to the Cybertipline: (choose Online enticement of children for sexual acts)

If you live in the UK, use the CEOP agency's website to make a report if Christian Hendricks or other foot fetish perverts have reached you via YouTube. Their website allows either the kids themselves, their parents or professionnals to report his behavior; it is important to mention that Hendricks is American even though you actually live in the UK.
If you live in Ohio and wish to report him to the local law enforcement service, contact the Columbus police department at 1-614-645-4545 or use the P3 Tips reporting form.
Pennsylvania residents whose children were contacted by Hendricks can call the Child Predator Unit hotline of the Office of Attorney General at 1-800-385-1044.
For California residents who got their kids contacted by Hendricks (mainly via YouTube), all I could advise them is to contact the Sex Offender Tracking Program of the Department of Justice at 1-916-227-4974, even though the creep lives in Ohio.
To report Hendricks to the FBI, contact the Major Case Contact Center at 1-800-225-5324 or the NCMEC hotline at 1-800-843-5678.
Families from other countries whose children were accosted by Hendricks and his fellow foot pervert buddies through their YouTube channels, Facebook profiles, Google Hangouts or Snapchat, can call one of the following three numbers: 1-866-347-2423, 802-872-6199 or 802-872-6196, both belonging to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)'s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) section. For any call outside of the US, make sure to include the country prefix 1 (preceeded by 00 or +) when dialling these numbers.

In the end, please let me know as soon as possible if you are sure this pervert is still active with new accounts, and I will list them in the petition to spread the information.