Ban T-Series

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T-Series is an Indian based network of fraudsters and conmen who are attempting to dismantle the YouTube community as a whole. They are doing so with their mass uploads of horrific Bollywood music videos that have the potential to taint the content of YouTube permanently. Their final hurdle before becoming the leaders of YouTube is to dethrone PewDiePie, a goal they are attempting to accomplish through the use of subscription bots. T-Series has managed to amass over 90million subscribers whilst averaging well under 1 million views per video.

YouTube has stood idly by and watched the war slew on and so far, no comment has been given. A solo Swede has taken on an entire country and at times, it appeared he was going to drown in their seas of curry. YouTube, if you truly care about the creators on your platform, you will ban this corporate entity or at the very least reset their subscriber count. This will display your respect for the individuals who have active fanbases and pave the way for your website not to become unrecognizable in the future.