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Ban Logan Paul from YouTube

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Logan Paul uploaded a video in the suicide forest in Japan where he and his friends happened to stumble upon a dead body. First of all, other than the fact that Logan Paul has violated one of YouTube’s rules (include disturbing or disgusting video footage), he has used “raising awareness” as an excuse for filming a person who had committed suicide on the same day. Logan Paul did not spread awareness, he filmed a man who hung himself for his own personal gain. Logan Paul stood next to a suicide victim and laughed. He showed millions of children a dead body. He exploited a victim of suicide. If Logan Paul really wanted to make a positive impact on the internet about suicide he could’ve publicly donated money to a suicide prevention charity, he could’ve also encouraged others to do so too. He could’ve put links to suicide help websites or numbers for suicide hotlines. When Logan Paul found the body he laughed and started making jokes as if suicide is not a serious matter. Not only that, but he showed the body in his video and made the body the thumbnail of the video, totally disregarding the fact that Japan is very sensitive about this in itself and imagine how the suicide victim’s poor parents will react. Logan Paul’s apology letter basically suggests that: 

- I didn’t do it for success, I’m already successful 

- I laughed at that dead body and zoomed in to “raise awareness”

- I make too many videos to think about what I upload 

Logan Paul’s not sorry about his insensitivity, he’s sorry that he got called out. He doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that the majority of his viewers are children aged 9 (maybe even younger) and above. My little brother is one of Logan Paul’s viewers, I do not like the fact that he has been exposed to this sort of content at a young age, especially because he might not even fully understand it. Children this age are not aware of the seriousness of this, they’re still learning. Many of them see Logan as their role model and they practically idolise him. I’m honestly afraid about the future of this generation. Especially if these are the people that they are looking up to.

At the moment, the only people who can prevent this and prevent Logan Paul from posting content is YouTube. What would happen if we win, Logan Paul will be banned from posting such videos ever again. If we lose, unfortunately he will be able to continue posting more content on YouTube. 

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