Ban Logan and Jake Paul from YouTube

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So not too long ago Logan Paul released a video titled “we found a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest”. Most who clicked on the video assumed it was click bait but when they found out it wasn’t only some became disgusted, the rest thought it was cool because it was Logan Who was showing the hanging corpse.

Please note that this issue involves all of the younger generations, I have a little brother and I know that if he got into the Paul brothers he would grow up without the common decency to know wrong from right.

First of all: it is utterly deplorable and inhumane to film a dead body for millions of children to watch, not only that but to make jokes was just sickening. It doesn’t matter that he had a huge speech at the end of the video, he filmed somebody who had given up, who thought there was no way out of their hell except death and Logan made a joke of this poor mans suicide, which, by the way, is not a joking matter.

Secondly: the Paul brothers are manipulative, they take fame too seriously and instead of having the common human decency to stop filming when Logan found the body, he istead probably thought “hey this will get a whole lot more views that Jake will ever get”, and he decided to film it! I know I’m repeating myself but it’s absolutely disgusting. And this is not the type of behaviour we should be showing to children because they are very impressionable, especially those in the Logang and the Jake Paulers. Those children actively go around with cameras trying to be like the Paul brother.

my cousin suicided and plenty of my family members have considered it before, it’s not funny and it hurts me so much to see how humanity sinks in this ship that they actively let the Paul brothers steer.

I didn’t explain it very well but you know who did? Daz Black. And here’s the video that personally opened my eyes to the disgusting nature of the Paul brothers:

Please watch that video and realise why I’m making this petition. Suicide is not a joking matter. Also, do you really want to teach kids that it’s not that bad? “if the Paul brothers can make a video about it, anyone can!” If we can at least remove them from YouTube then they won’t decieve our children anymore.

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