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Ban DaddyOFive From YouTube.

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I first viewed the DaddyOFive on another YouTube channel. As a mother of 2 I am horribly disturbed by the way the parents treat these children. The children are yelled at, cursed at, hit, thrown, and challenged to hit and fight with each other. Their toys and games are broken as pranks. They are made to cry until they can not breath. It is horrible. You can tell in a video the children do not understand that what is being done to them is abuse. You can tell the parents brib them with the money and materialistic things to be able to put up the videos they take of these children. I have made it a point not only as a mother but as decent human being to get these parents off of YouTube. I also feel CPS should be called. They are exploiting and abusing their children for money and they need to be stopped. Please be aware if you watch their video it is very disturbing. I have also posted a link from Reddit  describing the actions from the father in the videos.  


DaddyOFive is vlogger channel where a dad is going on a major power trip on his kids every day. He is terrorising his children for his own gain.

One of his older videos is incredibly hard to watch, you can see how he is only concerned about getting his kids hitting each other on camera and not about their safety.

This is one of his newer videos where he is getting very angry at his child for being reluctant for cleaning (what i assume) poo off the floor. He then tells his daughter the other bathroom needs cleaning, he shouts at her to start then interrupts her to let her know "the cleaners had already cleaned it today" after she has already started. The look of fear on her face though is so hard to watch though.

Obviously all these 'chores' are bullshit and he's just making them do it for the video so he can shout at them. This is a channel that needs to be stopped, he is making a lot of money from this and it's just disgusting. These kids don't deserve to be put through this.

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