Call for the resignation of YouTube's chief censor, Diane Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.

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The  free world does not need tech giants like YouTube/Google deciding what we can watch and how we should think.  This pattern of censorship has been going on a while but the last straw was the deletion of the informative video by the two Californian emergency doctors discussing the COVID-19 data and coming to different conclusions to the mainstream. DELETED!

The reason YouTube gave was that it breached their community guidelines. But it clearly didn't as shown here.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, told CNN  that any videos that "would go against W.H.O recommendations" would be removed! This is astonishing given the bad advice that came out of the W.H.O.

Democracy and scientific thought require free speech and open debate. By all means ban genuinely ugly content such as child porn etc, but when we have good faith content like this banned for not toeing the official line, then we are in trouble as a society.

We, the signatories below, have had enough of Sue Wojcicki and her Orwellian 1984 censorship and petition for her removal as CEO of YouTube.