Let's raise voice over LGBT rights!

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Lesbians,gays,bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in india is a big issue,they aren't given equal rights It was always absurd to treat people as criminals for something intrinsic to them.It was always absurd that love between consenting adults is subject to the censure of the state due to which lgbt community is facing various problem's in society .Our society always tells us to be proud of our culture and values and embrace  but never mentions to not disrespect other's.we talk about equality,rights and human norms in every culture.the world accepts technology and resources from other cultures but why not the acceptance of love in a different form .love is love.LGBT is not a western culture, it was just never talked about but now people are coming out.it is not a mental illness or anything delusional it is just love that a person .Gender Queerness is not only about people who are attracted to same gender.it's about people who are not comfortable being the way they are.people who don't want a tag or be in a category and decide to be in a certain way .
Gender queerness is not only about people attracted to the same gender its about people being dysphoric about their body and who they are and not being comfortable in their own body and how they are born.

Transitioning from one gender to another is hard it not only acquires your physical but also your mental strength.it's is a transition of a soul to be comfortable and adjust in your body which is not the same as you where born.

The main purpose of this petition is to legalise LGBT in india and give them equal rights!