Ban Zoom Car in India. Immobilization of car on go would lead customers to death

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Immobilization of car on go

Banning zoom car in India

Personal story
Myself Karthik M S and my friends, Bilal Ahmed, Krishna Prasad, Augustine Maxine and Prasanna Addamane were on a short trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry on Nov 30th - Dec 3rd, 2018 and we rented a zoom car for commuting the trip. On returning from the trip we were delayed and we tried to extend the rental period of the zoom car which failed on the app. We were closing to our drop zone close to 2 hours at 11pm Dec 2nd, we were close to 80kmph speed and unfortunately the car was remotely immobilized intentionally without any warning and went out of control in the middle of our ride, which caused us to skid approximately 50 meters out of control on the highway. This couldhave been a tragic event ranging from extreme misfortune to death if there were not our driving friend had not been able to stop the car from skidding in all the panic and shock.

When we tried to get in touch to the support executives from zoom car, they don't have a system or protocol where we could reach any of them by phone. The car was immobilized and we were stranded in the highway for almost 90 minutes and, we again tried to extend the rental period and paid off the rental on the app and took the car and went to report a complaint in RT Nagar Police Station. We tried to lodge a complaint to the head constable Mr. Raghavendra, who denied to take a complaint without consent from the zoom car executives, who were unreachable at all by any means. We were extremely disappointed that the police too weren't able to lodge a complaint of what happened and also we couldn't get in touch with the zoom car support executives. This incident was silently pushed to the shadows and we were advised by the police to drop off the car to the drop off point to avoid further charges by zoom car.

We had to bring light to this incident and we pushed it in social media hoping somebody could hear us. We also found that this is not the first incident that zoom car immobilized a on trip vehicle on the highway putting lives to danger, which zoom car has been dodging any accusations on them and silently pushing these events to the shadow. This event traumatized us to a extend we will never forget this and pray nobody else suffer the same tragedy we had experienced. We really have to consider if this service is really
worth it when zoom car is not ready to let customers contact them by any means. We sincerely request that serious action has to be taken about this incident and all the other incidents that had been put away in the shadows.