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Stop euthing of animals which is mental unhygiene. C

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Our youth are growing up where violent solutions are the norm. Not only does this set bad examples that promote violence and non-compassion; this also teaches our youth not to think and act outside of the box while utilizing limited solutions. This puts uneccesary stress, duress, and distress on people which is a violation of trust responsibilities by authorized agencies. Children are taught that life is expendible as adults are further encouraged to dump and surrender animals which adds to familial abuse to children and domestic violent victims. Ones abuse the system by placing fraudulent calls on good pet owners to adult bully them and put their pets at high risk for being killed. These harassment should be considered crimes that have caused even children to lose their pets, a loss that will affect-affect, and impact them negatively for a lifetime. As violent systems grow as standard, violent people are further allowed to get away with multiple modes of violence that agencies do not take into serious account. We need to support good pet owners, even if poor, homeless, elderly, disabled, or other diversities. We need to create new community models every twenty blocks that create sanctuaries for local, domestic animals. This will create jobs, local volunteer opportunities, mentorship for youth, and better community safety and monitoring of violence in all forms and degrees to not

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