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Temptation leads to Frustration

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Humans were all given free will and intellect; free will to be able to choose freely, and intellect to be able to discern things. Though we were given the free will to do all the things we want, we should still know our limitations. And with these limitations, there will be no chaos for the people will be able to restrain themselves from doing things that are not acceptable.

There are teens that abuse their free will, they do things that are not yet appropriate at their age. One is premarital sex, or sexual activity practice by people before they are married. Most teens get involved in this act because of pressure, temptation, or curiousity. 

We as a group disapprove of this act because of three main reasons: sacredness of life, no assurance to carry another life, and it is against the teachings of the Bible. First, sacredness of life because we Catholics are reminded on how sacred our life is to do such act. Though teens are just moved by their curiousity to explore new things to them, they still should be aware of their limitations.

Second, they have no assurance to carry another life because of their young age and because they are not financially stable they will not be able to provide the needs of the child. And third, it is against the teachings of the Bible. As Roman Catholics, we give importance to marriage which is one of the sacraments practiced by the Church.

The youth today must realize how sacred life is, they must respect their own lives and the lives of others. Because as we are building our community, we should always start with the youth. So we are calling out to all the youth: don't get tempted, know your limitations, and respect yourself.


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