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It’s time to set deadline to terrorism.
Copy and forward this message to everyone to make a strong chain for supporting our solider. POST IT ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS TO SUPPORT OUR SOLIDER.
You have used social media for socialising, wake up and take a step ahead by posting this message for OUR BRAVE SOLIDER THAT PROTECT US AND BEING MARTYR ON BORDERS AND JAMMU AND KASHMIR. Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care.Either case is a failure of leadership. Wake up if your blood boils on brutal inhuman murders of our solider because their hands are tied out of insincerity of government.
This is heights now!Our government is fighting amongst ruling and opposition while our solider are martyrise on borders. While we are on cease fire our solider are being target not now yesterday or today but everyday. For god sake now government has to leave its hypocrisy and if it is not stopped we will keep losing our brave solider. And there will be a time when people will be afraid joining forces , families will be afraid sending their sons and daughters to forces. Pakistan and terrorist groups do not have balls to attack a country like India, we are hollow because of corrupt politicians who do not let army exercise it’s complete power because of their hypocritical decisions in greed of seats and power. Killing our solider is not acceptable at all it is humiliation for every citizen of India. Rahul gandhi comments immediately on PMs fitness video but why do you keep num on unfortunate incidents keep happening in Jammu and Kashmir. CM of Kashmir can cry over brutal murders of our solider but cannot take back the orders of cease ?firetakebackceasefire #stophypocrisy #killterrorism #wakeupgovernment #takestrongaction

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