Say no to reservation

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The reservation system is creating hurdles in the development of our nation. A nation can't progress if a  student with 40% marks gets a  job whereas a student with 80% marks remains jobless. Atleast reservation should be removed from IIT and IAS examinations because these two form the backbone of India. One creates top engineers and the other creates top administrators. How can we expect our country to progress if a mediocre student gets selected in IIT and  a brilliant student is rejected by 0.1 mark? This is nothing but sheer wastage of talent. We should provide equal status to the reserved category but at the same time we should not demean the unreserved ones and at present, the reserved categories are at par with the unreserved ones. It's high time we thought about this otherwise our nation is heading towards a civil war. General candidates are not being provided right to equality guaranteed  by the constitution. Either the government should act or we will act.