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Providing Rural and Regional Students With Access To A Broad And Diligent Curriculum.

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Providing Rural and Regional students with access to a broad and
diligent curriculum.

Students in Rural and Regional areas are proven to perform at a lower standard than students in the metropolitan areas due to a lack of qualified staff for subjects and having a narrower range of subject choices provided. Students in more rural and remote areas should have the same opportunities to a broad curriculum as metro schools. This should include subject choices, extension activities and outside of school education for those wanting to do a subject that is not yet offered..

"The ‘remoteness gap’ is not unique to NSW or to Australia.
Students from rural areas under perform in the Programme
for International Student Assessment (PISA) reading test
in almost every country in the Organisation for Economic
Cooperation and Development (OECD). However the gap is
larger in Australia than the average of other OECD nations,
and it is larger in NSW than almost any other state or territory
in Australia" ~NSW Department of Education and Communities

Statistics show that 81 per cent of metropolitan students are more likely to have obtained their Year 12 certificate, compared to regional students having a rating of 67 per cent of students obtaining their Year 12 certificate. This is mainly because of the lack of availability to essential equipment. The insufficient amount of subject choices is forcing students to study subjects they possibly have no interest in, due to the students having less interest in the subject the subject may be perceived as tedious, this meaning students do not try as hard to achieve good results as they would in a class that was more relevant to them.

"Education must always be measured by student outcomes no matter where they live".~Bridget McKezie, The Australian

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