May her (asifa) soul feel proud. Let we guys make it together and feel her soul proud�❤️.

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So guys “asifa” i think u heard about her a small 8 years old child was gangraped by 4members - an oldman his son and his sons freind last is an police� how how can those people do like when a girl was raped 

we people just make an standing oviation or light up candles and mak her soul rest in peace.but guys now it should be changed let we people join together we should make an revolutionary change. We should go against the government.and make india safest for womens. Not we can actually change all a suddenly but their is a possible that we can change few mindsets atleast by that slowly we can change all other dirty mind sets

Plss guys lets make this all together. Coz then one who gave birth to us is a women then one who is born with us is a women then one whos  going to be with us is women 

so lets make an protest this is not an usual protest this is different lets make a change❤️����

At last one thing,india is not a independent will be independent when: womens are treated as humans not an sex objects.

thank you.