No right to speak against INDIA

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We always try to compete with USA
and other prosperous Western
countries. Our Honourable Prime
Minister Narendra Modi is even
working towards it and is known for
his dynamic foreign policy but is that
Don't you think that we, the citizens
of the largest democracy in the world,
should contribute too?
Are the leaders ONLY responsible for
the fate of our country?
There is hardly a thin section of our
social strata that is willing to work
selflessly for India's growth and
While on the other hand, we even
have some thankless people who are
not ready to initiate a change but are,
generally the first ones to demotivate
our political institutions and the Indian Army.
Doubting the credibility of our
soldiers, who defend our country's
borders, is not okay!
Recently, two Congress leaders spoke
against the India and the Indian Army.
This is totally unacceptable and
should not be tolerated at any cost.
Especially if it is against a person
who is ready to sacrifice his life for
our safety, for a person who is
constantly safeguarding our nation 's
integrity and dignity.
How can someone speak against
Even the Congress party has not
condemned this. If these people are
going to contest the elections so that
they could represent us and work for
our welfare, we seriously need to
reconsider few things!
What kind of an example are we
setting in front of the global arena?
People should take pride in our
national activities, irrespective of the
ideological group that they are a part
People in other countries are always
ready to back their armies and here,
some people doubt our army. For
instance, surgical strikes etc.
We, as young citizens, will have to
raise our voice against this dirty
blame game.
If your views align with ours, please
sign the petition which is given in the
description of the video.
This video should reach everyone so
please circulate it as much as you
Let's get those thankless bunch of
people get removed from their
political parties. That might not stop them from speaking against the
Indian Army but at least they will not
have a platform to do so!

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