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Petitioning Governor John Hickenlooper John Hickenlooper

Youth Call For A Statewide Ban on Fracking in the State Of Colorado


Our future is endangered because of our environmental and climate crisis. It has been scientifically proven that the method of Natural Gas extraction called Fracking will warm our planet faster then coal because of the fugitive emissions in the fracking process.  Not only that, but they are hurting our Mother Earth by injecting millions of gallons of deadly chemicals into her and by the fluids that are leaking into our aquifers, rivers and lakes.  This practice is endangering our chance of inheriting a healthy habitable planet.

Letter to
Governor John Hickenlooper John Hickenlooper
This is a petition is calling for a Statewide ban on Fracking in Colorado and for rulemaking that will be submitted to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asking the department to adopt a rule that will require the state to reduce CO2 emissions by 6% a year until at least 2050.

Why do we need this rule?

Earth is already experiencing unprecedented, human-caused global warming and we need to act now to protect our climate for current and future generations. We need to reduce CO2 emissions, the leading cause of global warming, in order to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Where did the 6% number come from?

We have been working with some of the top climate scientists in the world and they are saying that we need to get the global concentration of CO2 to 350 parts per million (ppm) to stabilize the climate. Currently, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is over 390 ppm. If we reduce CO2 emissions by 6% a year, a very realistic goal, we can reach a CO2 concentration of 350 ppm and stabilize earth’s climate within our lifetimes.

Why would you want to sign this petition?

To become part of a national and international movement to help protect the climate for your future. Youth around the country have filed either a lawsuit or a petition for rulemaking in every state. In 2011, a Colorado court dismissed a lawsuit filed as part of this campaign, saying that the public trust doctrine had never been recognized in Colorado. This petition is another effort to get the state of Colorado to act to protect the atmosphere for future generations. Join a movement and help protect the planet for your future!

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