Stop Using (SeatAdvisor) as Exclusive Panel for Axiata Arena

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An open-letter to our ‘Bro’ YB Syed Saddiq, the Minister of Youths and Sports.

Against Monopolized-Contract Given to Ticketing Agents in Government Owned Stadium/Event Venue

Process of buying concert tickets of JJ Lin from the exclusive-contract ticket agent’s system is a nightmare for fans. The system can’t handle traffic till they got no choice to Temporarily Suspended Sales and re-launch again on coming Monday.

The exclusive ticketing panel limiting concert organisers to choose a better ticketing agent is totally unhealthy (as bad as cronyism) , whereby limited concert organisers select ticketing agent based on their strength and ability. Ticketing system failure happened from Bruno Mars, Jacky Cheung, WannaOne and now JJ Lin, while the ticketing agent couldn’t overcome the problems, then please give chances to concert organiser an option to appoint a better ticketing agent and serve the public.

An airport representing an image of the country, this is apply to the ticketing system while we having an international concert/event in our beloved country. Tons of oversea fans is coming to Malaysia for the concert, this will generating an awesome revenue for Malaysia especially for tourism industries. Now, oversea fans might gave-up purchase ticket again, as much complaints can be found from Facebook on we’re still using a third-world country ticketing system, when we claiming ourselves as a developing country. This is totally ruined our country image.

Ticket Scalpers or robotic technology isn’t just invented today, the system should ready to solve problem but not just put the blame on ticket scalpers. From the official statement shared on Facebook page, ticketing agent claimed the robotic technology was “planted”, “planted” is a serious wording for cyberworld, which means the system is weak and the robot is always there and you don’t know they exist earlier, the system is easy access/root. If want to put blame they should use the word “cyber-attack” eg. SSL/TSL/DDOS attack. The statement shown the weaknesses of the system and is not secure on customer data protection. Robotic ticket purchase engine will not cause the overall system down, only cyber-attack will caused. Reseller is not aiming to take all of the tickets, and the system down is because website can’t serve the traffic!

An Excuse is a lie wrapped, today 21/7/2018. Another post shared on claiming that Singapore experienced a major cyber-attack (is attacked but not planted). This is totally diverting the attention of the frustrated fans, the news is about Hacker stealing SingHealth’s 1.5 million data. are not rectifying the problem but still putting the blame to others. Don’t ever abuse and put the blame to cyber-attack in any term! PRIME MINISTER OF SINGAPORE IS NOT BUYING CONCERT TICKET YESTERDAY! Please admit if you can’t serve! Let-go your exclusive-contract!

We hope that our newly appointed Minister Of Youth and Sports review and revoke the exclusive panel contract, and stop all the unhealthy deal in all government own event venue!