All Students must participate in Weekly meetings and take action for the better!

All Students must participate in Weekly meetings and take action for the better!

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Why this petition matters

We need a leader that will lift us and influence us because we believe Everything comes down to leadership. When there is no good leader that will take an action, there are no effective outcomes, then the following scenarios are inevitable: delayed decisions, conflicts, low morale, reduced productivity, and success is difficult. Unfortunately, the vision that we want for our community and school will usually suffer. But at the same time, we must not depend on having a mindset that we will just follow the leader, we must also contribute by our own will, not because we need because that’s what the leader said. But because “We” as a person, student, and as a people of our community, we are included and part of it. 

Students must know that they are not “just” students. We, as a student, are also a people of our community and a part of our country that have a responsibility in our hands. We should get to used that we are not just a people who will just obey and just follow the orders without having an idea of “Why?” and “What?” We are the people of our community which is also our home of where we lived, that’s why we must participate and be a part of it because our future also depends on it. Like our “School” we must not the ones who will just “complain” and say bad things and will do a bad action because it is against our beliefs and of our value. That’s why we as students must “Participate in weekly Meetings” as should be. Because this is the only way to convey the messages, especially we are on a pandemic and communication is difficult.

Parent-Teacher Communication: Strategies for Effective Parent Inclusion & Engagement

- Many elements contribute to whether or not students embrace their educational experience. Family support, equitable access to education, organized leadership, committed educators, and attainable educational goals play a significant role in every student’s academic success.

Studies continue to show that parent involvement is one important factor in helping students engage in their learning, and parent-teacher communication is a key aspect of promoting parent involvement.

- Parent-teacher communication can look different for different teachers and parents. Some relationships may be more difficult to establish than others, but several communication strategies can help teachers and parents increase engagement in various situations.

Through regular communication with parents, teachers can share information about a student’s good work and achievements. If a student begins to struggle with a certain subject or exhibits behavioral problems, the parent will already have a relationship with the teacher, which helps facilitate parent-teacher collaboration. This cooperative relationship empowers parents to step in and support the student at home, supplementing what the teacher is doing at school.

Discovering the best methods of communication and formulating messaging plans early in the year is important, as is maintaining consistent communication throughout the year. Teachers shouldn’t be afraid to be persistent in establishing relationships with parents, and vice versa. Teachers and parents can try the following tactics for improving parent-teacher communication

Reason why we need also to do it and adapt it?

- We can do this so that parents also know if their child is doing the tasks they are supposed to finish. So that parents can monitor their children, to make things easier and finish on the right day. So, parents and teachers should have communication because it will better monitor their children and make their tasks easier.

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*They have a poor internet connection and cannot be able to join

*They are the only ones in the family that can/assigned in their household chores

*They prefer face to face class because in that way they more understand what professor teaching

*They can't join because their anxiety always attacks when they start their online class and their mental health is not good.

*They're always responsible for their younger siblings because their parents are working or doing something

 Suggestions and Recommendations

1. Try asking their parents to take care of their children so he/she/they can make up to join in the online class and in the first place their parents are responsible for it.

2. Community must be able to help each students who doesn't have enough money. Barangay must be the one who must help them to participate in Weekly meetings.

3. If their anxiety is really bad, the teachers should screen record the online class and send it to her/his/their students so they can learn too and not be left behind.



All of us experiences problems when it comes to our education, some are minor and some are major depending on the student themself. The minor problems could be solved easily and the major ones could be harder but one thing’s for sure, no matter what problem that may be, it can be solved.

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!