Vote4Me's "Pledge to be Heard" Initiative

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Many are excluded from the voting process- whether they're too young, incarcerated or suppressed. Regardless, your vote impacts their future too. Vote4Me is amplifying the voice of those who can't vote because they deserve a say in their lives. Take a pledge to vote for those in your own life who can't vote, and encourage others to do the same!

For those who can't vote, signing this pledge is an acknowledgment that you may not be able to vote, but you want a say in your future.
"Pledge to be heard. Vote for Me."

For those who can vote, each pledge is a promise to those in your life to let them know that you are voting for their future.
"Pledge to vote for you and those who can't."

Step 1: Make the Pledge

Step 2: Start organizing your community

Relational organizing is the tactic of engaging people you know and love about voting.

Download the Empower app at to start organizing today. Use the special invite code: V4M


Vote4Me is a platform that amplifies the voices of the youth shaping the future of the world. We're highlighting youth around the country who are using  art/design, sport, pop culture, politics and more as forms of activism.