100 votes so anupreet can do as we say.

100 votes so anupreet can do as we say.

5 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Supreme Court

The letter below would just take 5 minutes and you can save some lives. Please read ❤️ 

We have made this petition because we were tired of Anupreet's constant lying that she is in switzerland.

But many of us have a feeling that she is lying. Everyone have their own theories. some of them are mentioned below.

i think she uses photoshop to edit her pictures in reality she is either in kathmandu, himachal or kashmir

- Sahil Sharma.


her relatives are living in switzerland that keeps sending her their pictures and she tells everyone that she's in Switzerland.


- Anonymous


She once went Switzerland and sharing throwbacks everyday so everyone thinks she's living there but in reality. She's sleeping on the couch at uttam nagar.


- Akul Sharma.



We have a lot of theories but the keeps saying that i don't care and all.

But she has agreed to share a video of her doing victory pose and ask some strangers that what place is this in the same video, if this petition get 100 votes.

We will share that video if we get 100 votes.

please help. We have to fight over lies and dhokebaazi together.

Please help. Means a lot ❤️


Attached are some pictures of her so you can yourself decide if she is lying or faking it:

Anupreet's book of lies


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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
Support now