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Your Words Can Save Lives. Write for Rights.

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When was the last time you wrote a letter?

Not emailed...but really wrote a letter.

A letter written by you could save a life -- and Amnesty International has nearly 50 years of experience that proves this fact.

It was a letter of passion written in 1961 by Amnesty's founder, Peter Benenson, that ignited a movement that's now more than 2.8 million strong.

It was a letter of solidarity sent by many, but for the cause of one, that helped lead to the release of Egyptian prisoner of conscience and 2009 Write-a-thon case Musaad Abu Fagr from indefinite detention.

It is a letter of thanks signed by a person who has experienced unthinkable human rights abuses that both warms our hearts and fuels our fire.

Your words have power. They can bring freedom. They can deliver justice. But most importantly, they can offer hope and let human rights defenders around the world know that they are not alone.

In the days surrounding International Human Rights Day - December 10 - hundreds of thousands of people from more than 50 countries will unite to write letters on behalf of those in danger of severe human rights abuses. 

A global network of activists, acting independently and in groups of various sizes, will then go to work sending truckloads-worth of letters -- YOUR letters -- to repressive governments and other officials responsible for neglecting human rights. We write letters to demand that the rights of individuals are respected, protected and fulfilled. In doing so, we show solidarity with those suffering human rights abuses and work to bring about real change in people's lives.

Pledge to help make this a record-breaking year. Pledge to take part in the Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon -- the world's largest letter writing event and join thousands of people around the world who will write for rights.

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