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The Election of KEVIN DORSEY, according to his tenant' s  facebook post,  is fraudullent and he is  a fraud case!!!  Citizens have elected someone who does not live where he said that he did when he was elected, who supports a Confederate Commander Police Chief, and who discouraged the expression the constituent's 1st amendment rights when we showed up to complain about the injustices which he supports against black people, when he, hiimeslf is black!  There are some choice names for people who do this, but I will refrain from using them here!! 

Kevin Dorsey is a black man who has chosen to support corruption and racism against his own people and now Ms. Rickita Sanay (facebook post),  has verified that he has fraudulently represented his place of residence, claiming to live where she was living in a house which went into foreclosure.   Although he won the race with a questionable 51% of the votes when he was strangely unpopular, Ms. Rickita Sanay has reported (via facebook), has defrauded persons who live in District 1.  Pretending  that he has been living in  the house where she had her belongings taken out of,  at the end of October 2017, by Dothan Police with Kevin Dorsey  (City Commissioner) overseeing this illegal dispossession!! 

Kevin has more than failed his constituents, and now is using the same corrupt, racist, police to displace a tenant from a home without due process of law; a home where she says he did not live, but used as his address!! 

District 1, --Kevin Dorsey's district,  within the City of Dothan;  is the poorest, most contaminated and most blighted area of Dothan, AL.  Its constituents cannot stand to go without genuine, legal representation.  KEVIN DORSEY MUST GO!! 

THE CORRUPTION IS OUT OF CONTROL IN THIS TOWN.   Last year, we engaged the NAACP who assisted in the FBI claiming to investigate the corruption, here, but they disappeared without any report, because the situation is so bad!! 


Acting as if he is representing his community, the most blighted area of Dothan, AL, District 1 Commissoiner, Kevin Dorsey, according to a tenant who videoed him sitting on a porch as Dothan Police removed her belongings from a home owned by him which she indicated he claimed to live in, but did not live there, has defrauded the public as well as continue to be a part of the corrupt policing practices that we have long complained about  .   Ms Sanay stated that Kevin Dorsey did not live where he represented himself to be living, during the election in August and up to now, making his election a fraud case.  A foreclosure notice was posted, while the tenant complained that the Dothan Police were used by Kevin Dorsey as a favor, without Due Process of Law, to remove her belongings out to the street. The evidence points to election fraud by Kevin Dorsey, as well as abuse of authority under color of law and the Dothan Police performing a favor which is not under their authority -removing person's personal property from a residence where they are a tenant, without following landlord tenant laws. Rickita Sanay posted on her facebook page on Oct. 23, showing the foreclosure and explaining that he had her evicted by illegally using Dothan Police, who apparently, illegally cooperated.

The Citizens of Dothan deserve better.  KEVIN DORSEY has continually stood against our demands for ending police corruption and racism in policing, now, we see him working with the police in this removal of property, apparently in an illegal process.  

Please sign the petition and help us show the world that we demand justice, no matter what the color of the perpetrator!! 

Our community deserves true representation by persons who are dedicated and truthful to their constituents.  .  

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