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Clean up Taiwan beaches (create a system to deal with persistent, long-term pollution)

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EPA, Taiwan

Minister Lee, Ying-Yuan


We speak for many. What happens here affects others there. We want to urge you to make all effort in providing Taiwan with UNPOLLUTED BEACHES. We are leaving a legacy. What will be yours?

What are people (foreigners, visitors) saying about Taiwan after they have seen Taiwan's beaches? If you make effort to find out, you will find a deep dissatisfaction with the state of affairs, and a desire to enjoy unspoiled beaches. Perhaps Taiwan people have given up or accepted polluted beaches as the norm. Prove us wrong...


What do I tell my daughter? What do we tell the people coming after us? "We saw. We ignored. We failed."  

There is a saying: "We borrow not from our ancestors, but the generations after us". We take away from future generations, when we do not act on what is wrong now.

We have been visiting north-coast beaches (e.g. Wanli area) since 2001. It is a knife in the heart to see how polluted these beaches are. It degrades the human spirit. How is it that we take a risk by not walking with shoes on these beaches (glass, metals, needles, bulbs, and more)?

Beaches, forests, lakes, and rivers are the soul of a country. It shows the mind of a people.


1. Develop a program to have Taiwan beaches become unpolluted and attractive. As it is, clean-up of beaches can provide full-time work (daily, not weekly or monthly). Recycling centers can be built close-by the beach, and large volumes of materials captured (free influx) and recycled before it enters our oceans again.

2. In addition, work with academic and industrial entities to engineer and develop machinery on wheels which could sieve through upper layers of sand, lift materials, and deposit these materials in a container which will be emptied in the recycling center. This is truly not a challenge, considering Taiwan technological abilities. This product/technology could then be sold and exported to the world to recoup costs, not to mention the positive effect it will have on Taiwan's image. Furthermore, clean beaches will attract more tourism and income. But even if zero income is produced, the value of a clean beach (or other natural asset) cannot truly be put into monetary terms.


We urge you, leave a legacy which abound in progress in this matter. Show the people of Taiwan what is possible. Show the world what Taiwan can do. Beaches are some of the first places visitors want to see. This is an opportunity to create better environmental health and improve Taiwan's image.

There is a problem. There is a solution. This is an opportunity.

We will support you in any way we can.


Juane Reichert

Volunteer, Environmentalist, Resident


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