We Want Rochdale Council and MP Office put into Special Measures

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Special Measures Needed For Rochdale Council & the Office of Member of Parliament

From Rochdale's MP Tony Lloyd, whose election candidacy was decided upon in London rather than locally, who took no less than five months to open a constituency office, and who refuses point-blank to answer dozens and dozens of legitimate constituent queries, to a body of local councillors in complete political disarray and demonstrably incapable of managing the Borough's needs, we believe that an intervention by H.M. Government is urgently needed. 

Since his recent submissions to the ongoing sexual abuse inquiry related to Cyril Smith and Knowl View School, the ex-Leader of Rochdale Council Richard Farnell has just resigned due to a widespread lack of confidence from his own party members. Even his own party's secretary Sharon MacLean resigned in disgust at the way the leadership had been handling the fallout from the enquiry's findings.

Yet Councillor Farnell's replacement is Councillor Allen Brett; a man elected by no-one in the town, other than the handful of other councillors trying to hang onto their jobs via his patronage. Sadly for Rochdale, also having served for some thirty years, this is a man who inspires no more local confidence than his predecessor did. Councillor Brett has even lost the confidence of many in his own party in just a matter of days, with long-standing Rochdale councillors already refusing to work in his cabinet.

Meanwhile our town is suffering from years of neglect, lack of investment, no support from central government and just in the last week a complete withdrawal of the biggest single contributor to the proposed new shopping development in the centre. There is no vision from our council leadership for the town's future. And none from the largely absent Stretford-based MP Tony Lloyd either. 

The Town and Borough of Rochdale should NOT have to put up with this rotten situation any longer. A clear-out of the entire councillor body and our MP is needed until Rochdale can be returned to a governance system that the people here can have faith in once again. 

That's why we, the undersigned, believe that Rochdale Council and the Office of MP should be placed in special measures by HM Government until the people of Rochdale have had a chance to completely change the political CULTURE that has been allowed to fester here for far too long. 

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