Your Neighbors Need You! ONE Voice together for Alternative 3 _NC55 Extension NCDOT in FV

Your Neighbors Need You! ONE Voice together for Alternative 3 _NC55 Extension NCDOT in FV

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Petition to
NCDOT NCDOT 5751 Project Team and

Why this petition matters


3 for the WIN! Getting Automotive FLOW with/

  • Neighborliness (residents and farmers)
  • Environmental responsibility (wildlife and creeks) 
  • Commercial land use (mixed-use & commercial development)

Purpose of this Petition:

We get to form ONE Voice together to choose where NCDOT will build a road between a new bridge that will cross over US401 from 5 points and connect to Judd Parkway (known as NC55 Extension). Your neighbors have been informed that their homes, farmland and even their church are expected to give up Right-of-Way to NCDOT for the construction of a 4 lane road w/ planted median and sidewalks on either side. This is done with imminent domain.  There is a way to spare all these outcomes using our existing Roadways.

Background: Three alternatives have been proposed by Fuquay-Varina Town Staff to NCDOT in order to provide options for this Federally Funded infrastructure project. This U5751 project began as an intersection improvement for 5 points about 7 years ago.  Later the scope was expanded at the request of the Town of Fuquay-Varina according to NCDOT Project Team which has produced these alternatives with the Town. One will be selected this Spring.

We can form ONE Voice together including neighbors and town leaders so that NCDOT will select a path forward to improve our automotive Flow and proceed with the funding processes without delay. When we do not form ONE Voice together as Town Staff and Residents, we delay the Project Team's decision process as parties argue over preferred alternatives, additional public meetings are sought and a rift grows greater between the community and Town Staff as well as neighbors on opposite ends of the Smithfarms neighborhood. 

We get to have ONE voice together working to spare homes, farms, wildlife habitat, Historic places and buffer Terrible Creek. This will save NCDOT time, resources, and expense while making our roadways FLOW sooner. 

The issue:  Town Staff favor Alternative 1 while Residents and Farmers want Alternative 3.  A unified voice is better soooooooo...

We are asking the Town Staff and Leadership to join in ONE Voice together with residents, farmers and community members:

  • To advocate for the primary residential investment of every Smithfarms neighbor and Homeowner.
  • To preserve the Historic Character of this entire Historic Farm Corridor (roughly 300 acres or forested Wildlife Habitat, Terrible Creek and streams, active farm land and Historic buildings. (circa 1770)
  • To conserve future water quality by supplying the greatest buffer for Terrible Creek.
  • To encourage automotive Flow with a Roundabout connection at Products Rd, Judd Parkway and The Retreat apartment community rather than sacrifice homes at the the West end of Smithfarms
  • To request sound dampening trees be planted ahead of construction to give time for growth during the funding period as well as the reconfiguration the shape of retaining ponds in order to protect residential value and quality of life- consideration of a pedestrian park connecting to the neighborhood.
  • To use this undeveloped commercial area to foster strategic pedestrian helpfulness with relevant services on the commercial land remaining after NCDOT right-of-way acquisition along Products Rd.
  • To save opportunity for the proposed Terrible Creek Greenway to be a wooded natural area rather than a roadbed.
  • To protect the flood plain east of Sunset Lake Rd for storm and flood water management assisted by the large trees rather than clearing and filling with a Y shaped road bed

What Can You Do?

You can Comment Now at the NCDOT Site and view Maps of Alternatives.

You can join in support of Alternative 3 and invite Town leaders to join you by signing and sharing this petition for One Voice together with your friends, family and neighbors. (Any Federal income tax payer in our country has the opportunity to influence this decision. )

-Foster neighborliness with quality of life 

-Conserve natural resources (especially future fresh water and mussel beds)

-Preserve Colonial Era history to the present day-  our Sense of place and identity rooted in our rural and entrepreneurial spirit.

These are all values the Town staff, you and I all agree are important. 

I recommend Alt 3, 1, 2 as an order of priority - federal regulations require 3 options be reviewed. 

It is most helpful to NCDOT when you comment specifically regarding each colored alternative (what you like or dislike) Remember they do not really know our area as well as you do. So specifics are valuable.

Sign our Petition.  You have my Thanks! (The most detailed maps are linked near the end of the public input website.) 

You get to participate in the Public Comment before Friday, April 22nd...Go!!!

You get to sign this petition in support of ONE Voice together (Our Town United in a unanimous request for Alternative 3)

You get to share this opportunity to influence HOW automotive FLOW is accomplished.

neighborliness, environmental responsibility, and commercial land use all getting the win! 

Win + Win + Win = 3


46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!