Parental Alienation is emotional child abuse. Let's make it a crime!

Parental Alienation is emotional child abuse. Let's make it a crime!

January 25, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Against All Odds Restoration Foundation

Parental Alienation is emotional child abuse and should be a crime. As of 2015, it is currently a crime punishable by law in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Mexico, and Brazil. These are the 10 (ten)  items that the petition will address here in the U.S.:


1. Make parental alienation and it subsequent related activities a crime punishable by law.
2. Prevent the falsification of financial and personal data regarding parents by using tax returns as far back as the baby’s birthdates.
3. Prohibit the use of private investigators to pry into, steal information from, or manufacture cases.
4. Amend the current judicial process to include (a) determination of child support, and (b) court-ordered visitation; so that these matters are addressed in the same court case and hearings.
5. Provide an unbiased co-parenting plan.

6. Amend current law structure to allow retroactive modifications for orders in place prior to 2020
7. Require educational online instruction by court appointed personnel to IMMEDIATELY inform defendants of rights and vulnerabilities.
8. Provide automatic temporary restraining orders in cases with a previous history of domestic violence, drug abuse, or communication of threats.
9. Disallow and punish Defamation of character tactics via social media.
10. Once child support application fraudulent activities of the custodial parent have been exposed, the falsification of payroll, salary, or earned wages of the non-custodial parent must be compared against documentation produced by the non-custodial parent themselves.

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Signatures: 3,069Next Goal: 5,000
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