Please allow tiny homes in my municipality.

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Please allow tiny homes in my municipality.

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You may or may not have heard of the “tiny house movement” or even of a “tiny house” but I hope after reading this petition you will be further informed on what this is all about and how I believe it can benefit various municipalities including yours in Ontario.

Tiny homes, although no formal definition is available is a home consisting of 500 square feet or less.  The tiny living movement has been gaining momentum over the last 15 years on the west coast of the US.  As home prices across North American continue to go up, living tiny continues to grow in appeal.

Tiny homes are primary residences for singles, couples and families and can exist off of wheels or on a typical  foundation.

When you see images of tiny homes they’re on wheels, why is this?  

This is so tiny home dwellers can live legally to a sense.  Putting them on wheels makes them considered RV’s, like a travel trailer that you have for summer camping.

This isn’t the case, tiny’s are built as full time residences.  These homes are often built to exceed the minimum building code for your typical home.

As awareness of tiny homes continues to grow so does the challenge of finding accommodating municipalities to call home.

Why?  Most municipalities have a minimum square footage requirement that is in excess of 600 square feet. 

Municipalities can benefit from the increased tax revenues by allowing tiny homes as accessory dwellings. on their own or as part of a community. Communities could be established on surplus properties or road allowances in a long term lease or purchase agreement with the municipality. 

Other benefits to consider are:

• an infusion of young adults in the community, a welcomed boost to any town with an aging population.
• an example for others to learn from.
• increased access to affordable housing options
• not to mention the potential business these could bring to the area in related industries.

Provisions can be made to allow for tiny homes, both on foundations and on wheels in your community through the zoning by-law.  

There are other communities in Ontario considering a move to allow tiny homes - look to North Hastings and Frontenac County as examples.

By signing this petition you support tiny homes (homes under 600 sq. ft.) in your community - for yourself and others.

Also, you support a move to reduce minimum square footage requirements in the local zoning bylaw by your municipal elected representatives.

This petition will be delivered to municipalities across the province to show that people are demanding changes across the province to antiquated building codes and zoning regulations.

We will be providing updated on the petitions progress at Check in often for the most current information.

Thank you for taking the time to support this petition. 






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This petition had 1,055 supporters

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