Your help is needed to drive fair milk pricing profits back to Aussie dairy farmers

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The dairy industry has hit crisis point as a result of soaring operational costs, crippling drought and ongoing challenges to achieve fair milk prices. The retail giants are profiting from milk production to the detriment of dairy farmers, leaving many farmers struggling to feed their stock and keep their farms profitable. Imagine the stress, knowing that the majority of the profit you work so hard and tirelessly is not going back into your business.

The economy as a whole suffers when our farms and farmers suffer.

Relentless cost-cutting by some of the big supermarket chains will wipe-out the Australian dairy industry unless we do something.

If things continue, traditional dairy farms will disappear. The economy of milk production, especially on medium to smaller farms has become unsustainable as this cost-cutting continues to have negative impacts.

Did You Know?

The number of Australian dairy farms has fallen by almost three quarters since 1979/80 from 21,994 to 5,789 in mid-2017.

You can see the impact of unfair farmgate pricing and continually rising operating costs has had on Australian Dairy.

  • Dairy farming is Australia’s 3rd largest rural industry, which generates $3.7b in farmgate production with only a fraction of this going to farmers.
  • In Australia approximately 42,000 people are employed in the Dairy Industry

It's up to us to do something if we want to enjoy fresh milk in our fridges!

We need to campaign hard against retailers dictating the price of milk. This is difficult and your support, by signing this petition will assist in getting our farmers' voices heard and make Australian dairy farms viable and sustainable for generations to come. 

We want to tirelessly lobby consumers, processors, retailers and government to gain recognition for the Australian life blood of the land, our Aussie farmers. 

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