Government Funding for Domestic Violence Prevention for All Victims

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Australian Governments spend $millions annually on education campaigns and other programs that gender-profile male perpetrators of domestic violence but don't address the behaviour of women perpetrators – e.g. The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.
Many women’s advocacies are Government-funded – e.g. Federal and State Office for Women policy units, Women’s Legal Services and White Ribbon Australia’s campaign agenda and workplace accreditation programs.
Tax-payer-funded ‘OurWatch’ videos are represented as encouraging respectful gender-relationships, but only depict boys and men possessing ‘toxic’ character traits mistreating females.
Neither the Morrison Government’s announced $328 million expenditure; or Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s pledge if elected PM, to spend $600+ million dollars on measures to address domestic violence make any mention of assisting child and male victims of women perpetrators.
Australian mothers have killed children; and men have lost their lives by not acting decisively against abusive female partners out of concern for being wrongly accused as the perpetrator; or subsequently charged with using excessive force.
Failing to equally recognise and help these vulnerable children and passive men effectively tolerates the crimes of abusive women, including domestic violence homicides!
Internet searches of Australian police and court crime reports prove that women perpetrators of domestic violence are equally dangerous; and claims that there are collectively more male than female perpetrators is disputable because the nature and extent of women’s violence isn’t equally scrutinised.
Differences in over-all numbers of male vs. female perpetrators and victims is irrelevant because all perpetrators cause harm and all victims suffer – e.g. Cairns mother Mersane Warria who killed eight children in December 2014.
Shielding female offenders from equal public scrutiny plays into the hands of women who falsely accuse men – e.g. Sarah-Jane Parkinson whose false accusations of domestic violence and rape against her former fiancé resulted in this innocent Australian man being wrongly imprisoned before his name was finally cleared.
Gender-profiling men as perpetrators and women as victims is contrary to the principles of human rights, justice and sound policy because it does not address the complexity of all factors that contribute to the commission of this crime in all its forms.
I have written to the Australian Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and most Federal MP’s and Senators calling on them to stop the gender-selective approach to funding domestic and family violence prevention measures.
I ask that supporters of my petition contact print and TV media organisations to campaign against the current discrimination; and also email their local Federal Member of Parliament and the Senate urging them to introduce instead a National Plan to Reduce Violence Against All Victims; and ensure that all future Government-supported and tax-payer-funded domestic and family violence prevention programs and public education campaigns target the behaviour of all perpetrators; and support all victims, irrespective of any gender considerations.