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Stop the bombings in Afghanistan: Write to your congressperson

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Wednesday morning, May 31, during rush hour, a truck bomb exploded in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul: Kabul crater from blast, 5/31/2017 . This was one of the deadliest attacks in the capital in years.  Approximately 90 people were killed and 500 were injured in the bombing. Our friend Adeeba works in an office that overlooks the site of the destruction. Had she been at her desk where she works to help her community, she would have been injured. Fortunately, she was in another room attending a safety training session. Tragically, two of her brother’s friends lost their lives in the blast. 

Afghan President Ghani has condemned the Wednesday bombing, stating “The country is under attack.  We must be strong and united.”  Then, today, there was another massive bombing … at a funeral!  This is a video: .  Our friend, Adeeba, lives less than 15 minutes from here.   

Our dear friend, after finishing Master’s degrees at two U.S. universities, returned to her native Afghanistan in 2015.  For 16 years she and her family among others in the capital city of Kabul have endured senseless bombings by the Taliban and the so-called Islamic State. The violence does not effectively promote an ideology or herald peace. The bombs are deadly, destroying homes and infrastructure. As Americans, we may feel that it is important to meet force with force. However, fighting the Taliban does not appear to have the desired effect.    

Most Afghans cannot see that the U.S. is committed in the long term to Afghanistan and its future. The current U.S. strategy is to send in more troops to advise and assist, to support and train the Afghan troops, in the belief that Afghan national security forces can, in the end, secure the country.  The Afghans would do most of the fighting. 

However, many Afghans feel that negotiations with the Taliban and others may provide a more effective solution.                        

Help our government choose a new tact on the road to peace. Please contact your congressperson ( to propose a diplomatic plan that does not escalate the violence in the region. 

Sample email: 

Dear Congressperson, 

I find the violence in Afghanistan to be very distressing. I do not believe that increasing our military presence in the region benefits our friends. Additionally, sending our armed services has not been successful. I endorse a diplomatic solution that includes all of the people of Afghanistan in peace talks. 


A voter in your district.



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