Decision Maker Response

Senator Richard Di Natale’s response

Jul 1, 2016 — Hi Everyone -

I am proud of the work done by Senator Scott Ludlam and the Australian Greens to eliminate homelessness and address the housing crisis facing Australia.

As petition signatories have noted, homelessness in Australia is a national tragedy.

Every night, right here in one of the richest nations in the world, 105,000 Australians don’t have a place to call home. That’s one in every two hundred people. More than a quarter are children under 18. Seventy percent of young people who end up homeless are fleeing domestic violence or family breakdown.

Instead of tackling this national disgrace head-on, the Abbott - Turnbull Government cut millions of dollars in funding for homelessness and housing affordability programs in their first budget. They’ve refused to adopt any target or commitment to reduce homelessness, abolished every affordable housing program in their first budget, and even axed peak bodies like Homelessness Australia and National Shelter.

We have pledged to end homelessness and eliminate the massive public housing waiting lists within a decade, through the steps outlined in our roadmap.

Commencing immediately, we have also pledged to doubling federal funding for homelessness services and to signing a new ten year National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness by investing an extra $827 million a year to provide ongoing security for this vital sector.

We know that homelessness, affordable housing and our housing crisis demand a comprehensive response, and that’s what we’re providing.

We will also ensure that power bills are reduced, that the rights of renters are strengthened, and that distortive, unfair tax breaks are removed from our system

Read our full plan at

Our National Housing Roadmap
We have an achievable plan that will ensure housing is within reach for everyone.
• Reforming Negative Gearing – our proposal that negative gearing for future investments would end, with existing investments grandfathered. This would stop billions of dollars each year being used to unfairly subsidise property investors at the expense of housing affordability. Our plan to phase out Negative gearing would increase the revenue available to address the housing needs of all Australians, and would generate over $42 billion over ten years.
• Capital Gains Tax Discount Reform - the current 50% discount on income earnt from investments should be removed to stop the structural unfairness in the tax system and benefits the wealthiest Australians. It would generate as much as $74 billion over the next decade, or $127 billion when combined with negative gearing reform.
• Funding Homelessness Services - we are committed to doubling the federal funding for homelessness services at a cost of $507 million a year, and to signing a new ten year National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (at a cost of $320 million a year), to provide ongoing security for this vital sector.
• Renters' Rights - this package will deliver a better deal for renters by introducing a new national minimum standard for private rental tenancies and a funding package to help landlords meet those standards. It was developed in response to our Rental Heath Survey.
• Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 30% - This would equate to an increase of between $13-25 a week.
• Renew Public and Community Housing - deliver clean power, lower electricity bills, and homes that are cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in, through a nationwide upgrade program for Australia's 421,000 public and community housing dwellings.
• Our Public and Community Housing Supply Boost will end homelessness and cut housing waiting lists within a decade.
• The Affordable Housing Finance Corporation is the Greens proposal for an innovative funding mechanism that will boost the supply of affordable housing.
A vote for the Greens is a vote for the only party with the courage and vision to implement measures to ensure everyone who needs a home can afford one.

Read our full plan at

Thanks to you all -

Richard Di Natale & Scott Ludlam