STOP HOMELESSNESS! Stop Aussies being rorted of their deposits, life's savings & homes!

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The special Filthy Rich and Homeless gave insight into what its like on the street. Many hardworking Australians who scrimp and save for a home have their dreams and lives destroyed thanks to business practices that rort them of their savings and home.  Many end up on the street and on the very end of a long wait list for Public Housing.  

Yet year after year we see news stories about developers, builders and businesses continuing to use loopholes, rorts or Phoenix activity, taking Aussies hard earned deposits or life’s savings for houses or builds the buyers never get. It must STOP! Plug the loopholes!

Its time the Australian Government changed the laws to protect buyers, us the hardworking average Australian. New Zealand has more stringent protection for buyers than Australia! I call on the Australian Government ALL parties to act to provide protection to enable the dream of home ownership to become a reality and prevent young families, the elderly and vulnerable being left homeless and on the street. As I will be.

Im Ann and this is my story. Im in my 60's, ill, worked hard all my life and paid my life’s savings to two brothers. The brothers Kevin and John Wright accepted my payments over 9 months in 2012 for a relocatable house. Then kept both my money and my house. For now, I am living in one room of a rental house amongst unpacked boxes and sleeping on the floor. But I won’t be able to work for much longer, then unable to pay rent, I will be homeless and on the street.

Where is the house I own? It has sat and continues to do so in Kevin Wright’s and now John Wright’s ‘holding yard'. I paid $84,600 including $11,900 for storage, with architect fees, council applications and items in the house all up its some $110,000. Despite paying for storage, none of the multiple gaps in walls and ceilings of my house, has ever been covered, letting in rain damaging timber floors, walls, ceilings and cabinetry. Other houses stored in the yard over the years have been protected by tarpaulins and thick plastic. Just not mine. And in my house are items I purchased including, 20 Batts of Insulation, a new 5 screen bi-fold timber door, 300 linear meters of second hand Merbau decking These items are not theirs.

I have tried many times and avenues to get my house. Government Agencies eg; the Building and Construction Commission and Offices of Fair Trading, tried to help but had no legal power! I’ve been told from others within the Building and Construction Industry that these bodies are seen as ‘Toothless Tigers’ and laughed at. Then what are these agencies for? This MUST change these government bodies must have the legal power.  I don’t have the money to afford a Barrister to go to court.

Six months after my story aired on TV in December 2015 they ‘offered’ to give me my home. But there was a catch. They refused to make good any deterioration and damages and wanted to ‘gag’ me. How can they get away with this? Because apart from the brief moment the issue aired on TV, it is no longer in the public’s view

Please add your voice demanding change to laws so that house buyers, or those making deposits on a purchase or build are protected. Stop unscrupulous businesses, builders, traders or practices that takes $$$ and stash it in untouchable Super Funds or Family Trusts, whilst buyers are left homeless and without savings. 

Ensure that those perpetrating these acts be held to account, that mandatory legal powers be given to Offices of Fair Trading and Consumer protection as well as the licencing bodies. Establish a national insurance scheme paid for through a % of licensing and ASIC fees for builders and businesses in or allied to the building and construction industry be set up.

Call for Kevin and John Wright to deliver my home and make good all the damages . STOP me from becoming another HOMELESS statistic

Begin a momentum so those that purchase a house or pay for a build, are protected. so Home Ownership can become a reality. The petition will be sent to Prime Minister Hon Scott Morrison MP and Kevin Wright and John Wright,


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