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Too many lives have been lost to teen suicide, leaving many devastated and heartbroken family and friends behind. There is a serious lack of awareness, education and support in our communities, which is largely due to a massive lack of funding. This is why action is vital.

There needs to be more funding allocated to lowering the rates of youth suicides and depression. There needs to be more education in schools; teens need to be able to recognise the signs of depression in their friends and learn where to seek help. There needs to be more support for those struggling with depression and other mental illnesses. There needs to be more awareness within our communities about the causes of youth suicide. The social taboo surrouding teen suicide needs to be broken; people need to be able to feel they can talk to others and seek help.

This is why we need your help. Please sign this petition to send an email to four key members of the Victorian and Federal Governments. The more people that sign and the more emails that are sent, the more the Government cannot ignore the desperate need for help. Let's unite together and help save lives. Every heart beat, every young person, every life is important. Thank you so much for your time and help.

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Letter to
Young Australians
The Federal Minister for Mental Health The Hon. Mark Butler
The Federal Minister for Education and Youth The Hon. Peter Garrett
and 2 others
The Victorian Minister for Youth Affairs The Hon. Ryan Smith
The Victorian Minister for Mental Health and Community Services The Hon. Mary Wooldridge
I just signed the following petition addressed to:
The Hon. Mark Butler
The Hon. Peter Garrett
The Hon. Ryan Smith
The Hon. Mary Wooldridge


I am deeply concerned about the number of youth suicides in our communities and the lack of funding available for education and counselling.

In the last twelve months, there have been at least ten youth suicides in the City of Casey alone which have shaken entire communities. Each of these represents a tragic loss of young life.

Preventing youth suicide is a very complex issue for which there is a massive lack of funding. This inhibits essential action in raising suicide awareness and offering support to our young people. The problem is compounded by the social taboo surrounding youth suicide. Specific incidents are often not reported in the media and schools are hesitant to address suicide issues for fear of promoting more suicide attempts. However, the prevalence of social media such as Facebook means that the youth in our community are already aware of incidents within hours of them occurring, and these incidents are extensively discussed without at risk students having recourse to professional support.

There needs to be more funding available to employ specialists to work on teen suicide rates and youth depression in my community. The provision of more trained specialists, who can go into schools and other youth-orientated areas and educate, would go a long way towards beginning to address the issue of youth suicide. Events such as seminars teaching students how to recognise symptoms of depression in themselves and peers and where to seek help would be of great benefit to the youth in my community.

I request that you consider these issues and suggestions as a matter of priority for our community.



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