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Young Americans, Tell Washington: Stop Delaying Action to Address our National Debt


Young Americans have the most to lose if politicians in Washington continue to kick the can down the road on addressing the long-term issues that threaten to balloon our already large national debt.

As a result, our American Dream may fade further into the distance as we confront a future of more debt, fewer jobs, higher taxes and a lower standard of living.

Tell Washington to pass the INFORM Act (S.1351) and address our growing national debt in a generationally balanced way.


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U.S. House of Representatives
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By joining with my peers through The Can Kicks Back, I am demanding that leaders in both parties address our fiscal imbalance in a bold, generationally balanced and bipartisan way.

That means:

1. Paying for all the programs we desire in the present through less spending and more revenue – not passing a massive tab to the young and unborn.

2. Protecting critical investments in the future – not allowing unsustainable growth in mandatory spending to crowd them out.

3. Requiring shared sacrifice from all Americans and protecting the most vulnerable – not exempting those based on age or income.

The first step is to pass the bipartisan REPAIR Act, which will report additional information about the full size of our long-term fiscal imbalance and the impact of today’s tax and spending policy on young people and future generations.

Young Americans will kick back at Washington through our voices and our votes, until elected leaders put our country on a sustainable and generationally equitable path. All we are asking for is the same opportunity afforded to our parents and grandparents. No more, no less.