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Make Me the Admin on the Peep Chat (joke petition)

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Yesterday, the old admin of the Peep chat, who shall remain anonymous (Let's call him Y), made someone else the admin so he can study for his tests.  This is unfair for a few reasons:

1) I have asked Y numerous times to make me an admin

2) Y isn't online much, where as I am online for most of the day and night. 

3)  The new admin is only online once every few days, and only for a few hours.

The new admin, let's call him T, was admin for barely four hours when someone added to the group started ruthlessly spamming.  We're talking 1,714 messages of "" over and over again.  Neither T or Y were online, yet as always, I was.  I tried desperately for five minutes to reach out to the admins, which ended in T not even coming online for another hour and Y taking way too long to respond- time I could have used.

I'm not the only one who wants me to be admin.

Let's make the Peep Chat great again. 

~If you take this seriously b thats on you~

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