You can Stop the High-beam Headlight Menace

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I use my vehicle either my car or bike to move around and I'm faced with a problem which I'm sure you face either as a driver/rider or as a passenger/pedestrian. 

In the city limits, we are faced with drivers and riders who use only the High-beam headlights to move around at night. Not only does greatly impact the oncoming vehicle driver's/rider's or for that matter a pedestrian's ability to see but it also greatly increases the chance of an accident.

As someone who either DRIVES or RIDES a vehicle could you please use the low beam headlight in your vehicle? If you do need to use the high beam Headlight and Extra Lights please switch to only a low beam if you see oncoming vehicle!

If you are a PASSENGER you can make a greater impact. If you see a blue light on the dashboard of your driver's cab, please ask them to switch to a LOW BEAM HEADLIGHT, because they are the ignorant of this and are the highest abusers of this Headlight.

The usual excuse that most will give is that everyone else does it. Well! You can help stop it! Stop doing it yourself!