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Help make animal care centre for those with mental illnesses a reality

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Hi my name is Shannon. I'm 17 years old and have suffered from mental health illnesses for all my life. I would like to help those like myself using the magic of animal healing. I also want to help homeless people by giving them jobs such as organising plants and other jobs to help them and most importantly care for their wellbeing too, as a lot of people seem not to care.

Last year was a rather bad and hellish year for myself. I was in my last year of high school. I should've been happy that I was leaving because I hated it there but my depression stuck around and lingered. I thought about dying everyday.  I felt worthless, walking down the corridors alone. The only time I felt somewhat peace at school was at their farm. I always use to talk to the rabbits. One of them in particular reminded me of my nana who I was very close to. Of course people didn't understand my fascination with animals. Due to people's narrow-minded attitudes towards many subjects I lost hope in other humans. What helped me get through these times was thinking of having animals of my own in the future.

In December last year I received my first animal babies: two beautiful Peruvian guinea pigs. They have given me so much joy. I have two lovely friends by my side. I thought: 'Animals help my mental health, I wonder if they help others?'. There are too many people suffering out there and they need a safe haven where people won't tell them to 'cheer up' or tell them to 'eat more

Early this year I thought of an idea to create a small place for those with mental illnesses to enjoy animal company with lots of nice animals too. Homeless people would be able to work there as they could help with the agricultural side of my little centre. It's a big dream for somebody so young but I would one day like to make it a reality. With your help I can slowly start preparing my dream, hire a field out somewhere perhaps or help bring home another animal friend. Thank you for reading this. 

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