Let's keep hired killer, Victor C. Perea in prison!

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My name is Tamara Lyerla, the niece of murder victim Harold "Skeeter" Lyerla.

This is not an easy story to tell briefly, but I will try. On November 21, 1988, my Uncle Skeeter was brutally stabbed to death in his own home, by a man named Victor Perea. My uncle's wife had been having an affair with a man living in Aguora, California. My uncle lived in Lompoc, California, about two hours away. Victor Perea had been living and working for the man my uncle's wife was having an affair with. Victor's fingerprint was found at the crime scene, and he was later arrested and convicted of First Degree Murder. He received a mere 26 years to life. He had never met my uncle, nor had any reason to be in Skeeter's home...unless he had been sent there. Victor later confessed to receiving money to kill Skeeter at a 2012 parole hearing. He also recently admitted to receiving $4,000 for the killing of my uncle in a phone interview with Byron Pitts, of 20/20 Homicide. Victor admitted that it was his employer from Aguora who had hired him. Simply put, Victor Perea is a hired killer. He has been in prison for nearly 29 years. He has been denied parole three times already.

The last parole hearing I attended was only ONE year ago, and Victor is now requesting that his next parole hearing be advanced. There is no doubt in my mind that he is doing this, because he confessed on national TV. He has NEVER shown one ounce of remorse for what he's done. He is evil, and should never be allowed to walk amongst us. A hired killer should be put away for life!

The parole boards are looking for reasons to let Victor out...claiming that because of his age, he is unlikely to kill again. Please join me in voicing your opposition to Victor Perea's release. Please sign this petition. The more signatures, the louder our voice.

Thank you.

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