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Demote O5-5

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O5-5 is a abusive O5 council in MediewalExiles SCPF,

He is a,

Tool Abuser 

Speed Glitcher

Detain Abuser

He abuses Lower Ranks,

In one situation a site director (MTF) and a level 3 (Foundation Personnel) were casually standing around in Sector 1-B at a start up and O5-5 (I-SD) approached them not in uniform no helmet with Class-A or B anesthetic and started spraying it around blinding the Site Director, the blind Site Director then ran while O5-5 started to speed glitch and caught up to the Site Director he then sprayed the Site Director again then after the Site Director described it to O5-5, O5-5 respawned him then teleported him back. O5-5 then speed glitched around the place then sprayed again the Site Director ran away and hid. The Site Director was hiding and said in the radio communication "I AM FREE FROM BATTLE" (O5-5), "YAS" but that didn't go for long O5-5 found him again while speed glitching an blinded him once more. 

There have been other incidents including this abusing O5 Council member. He is corrupt and has to go.

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