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Pedestrians Mobilize to Expose Dangerous Drivers

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  How many pedestrians have been killed by cars illegally pulling out of the turning lane AFTER the pedestrian has started crossing with their walk sign on?

  Have you as a pedestrian experienced a few near misses yourself in such situations?

  I am advocating an effective deterrent for such reckless motorists -- use your cell phone camera to record all your crossings at busy intersections.

1)  Tape the walk sign coming on.

2)  Turn your cell phone camera right and left to show there are no cars in the process of turning.

3)  Then carefully cross the road.

  If some reckless driver decides to turn after you have started crossing and has to jam on their brakes to avoid hitting you, BE SURE TO AIM YOUR CELL PHONE CAMERA AT THE DRIVER'S FACE, and get a shot of their license plate number and car as they go off.

  Now, put this video on YouTube under BAD DRIVERS IN ( put your town, state or province, and country here).

  Advertise it in your local Kijiji or Craig's List under " VIEW NEAR ACCIDENTS INVOLVING A PEDESTRIAN AND DANGEROUS DRIVER ON ( insert street and cross street here) "  and add your YouTube link.

  You will embarrass the heck out of this driver (news travels fast).

  If enough pedestrians do this, drivers will become more careful of crossing pedestrians -- and that is the whole point of this exercise.

  If you support this type of pedestrian activity, please sign my petition.

  I Thank You very much.


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